About us

We believe that the future of shopping is to maintain traditional standards. We welcome you to the medieval town of Semur-en-Auxois, with its warm and authentic atmosphere.
We pride ourselves on our personal service and in the careful choice of products which we recommend to you. Our first priority is quality, wether these products are made in France or further afield.
We know and respect the theory of shoe manufacture and fitting, however we continue to learn at the feet of our customers. - you, the customer, and you, the manufacturer - it has allowed us to evolve. And it is now our pleasure to share this knowledge with you everyday.
You may wonder why we do not sell our products online. Our reply is: feet and shoes cannot be taken lightly. Every foot is different. So even in the most simple situation, how could we offer you the best service via internet?
In the hope of meeting you.
Best regards,

David and Sylvie